Established 1975

Industrial Transportation


SATELLITE has operated in the charter coach, regular scheduled service and Industrial Transportation business since 1975.

Over the years we have organized and carried out all facets of a complete package tour business in relationship to ground transportation, provding bus service on a regular basis to S.A.I.T., as well as tours to various industrial facilities in their Oil and Gas related programs.

Our industrial background has been in providing bus service on turn around projects to large construction undertakings. In addition to our industrial clients, we have provided charters for various clients and departments for recreational outings.

We currently operate twenty 47 passenger, two 41 passenger, and one 15 passenger van in this program and going to 25 at peak.

This program thus far has gone smooth, without delay or inconvenience to our clients in any respect.

We pride ourselves in our delivery of our service giving credit to a selected staff that is dedicated to our commitment. With proven professional abilities we have provided safe, reliable service daily to upwards of fifteen hundred personel on two shifts.



Our commitment to safety and dedicated service has brought our company forward in the industrial construction arena. A task that has enabled us to enter and provide a valid competition base for what has traditionally been a dominated market.

Our personalized service, our willingness to be flexible with a commitment to our "clients needs" has brought positive ongoing awareness to our company and the exceptional unencumbered service we provide.

We would like the opportunity to submit our quotations for transportation to your organization if and when the occasion arises that you may need such a service as we provide.

To further explore the reputation of our company you are invited to request personal references from present clients as to our ability and willingness to provide the best of service second to none in the industry.

We use proven equipment, kept up to personal standards that exceed requirements set out by legislation. Our units are inspected twice a year according to regulatory guidelines, rules and regulations prior to licencing.

Should our introduction to our company spawn further interest and / or questions, or if we can be of assistance in the coordination, logistics, consulting or supervision of your transportation needs, please feel free to contact us.

Kindest regards,

Management & Staff


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